Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Eye Love

Hello Ladies,

I hope you're all well today. As were in the midst of Autumn I like to warm up the tones I use on my eyes. I usually wear pretty neutral colors on my eyes but as the days get darker I love to embrace some darker shades like purples and mauve's.

I'm a huge fan of the W7 eye palettes which I'm sure you're all familiar with. The W7 palettes have been hailed as dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes and at a fraction of the price I definitely think their worth the purchase if you're not ready to splurge on the Urban Decay ones. I love these palettes, the eye shadows are of incredible quality and are extremely well pigmented and very versatile. The eye shadows are housed in sturdy metal tins keeping them nice and safe and come with a double ended applicator, one end has a sponge applicator and the other a brush. 

My favorite ones this time of year are 'In The Buff' and 'In The Night'. 'In The Buff' consists of 12 neutral shadows - 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades. The colors all compliment each other beautifully and easily be used for both day time and night time looks. I love using the bronze-y and rose gold toned colors this time of year. To make my look a bit more autumnal I reach for the 'In The Night' palette with is beautiful range of 12 shimmering shades from browns, to pinks and purples and greys. I find that these two palettes work wonderfully together! I like to blend the purple and mauve shades of the 'In The Night' palette into the crease of my eye while using the more neutral tones of the 'In The Buff' palette for my lids and for transitioning. The color pay off of these shadows is fantastic, I picked my palettes up in my local pharmacy for a mere €7.50 each and was astonished at the quality given how affordable they are. The shadows are really soft and easy to blend, I honestly don't believe that you could buy a better palette for the price. 

While were on the subject of W7, I am head over heels in love with the W7 Brow Parlour Eyebrow Grooming Kit. This little beauty (which also comes in a tin case) boasts 2 powder eyebrow shades, a highlight, brow wax, a mini tweezers and a double ended brow tool with an angled brush and a spoolie. As well as that it has a lovely little compact mirror for brows on the go! It's so handy to use and keeps my brows looking good all day! I'm a bit shall we say 'folically challenged' when it comes to my brows, My eyebrow hair is very fair and sparse so there's not a lot there for products to cling to but I find that this really does stay put!

As far as eye shadow bases and primers go I thought it was all a bit of a gimmick for years if I'm honest. I tried a few different bases and never really noticed too much of a difference. I saw 'I <3 Stage' eye shadow base by Essence one day in my local pharmacy and I thought I'd make one last attempt to be persuaded, so I made the purchase. I haven't looked back since! It's a fantastic base for applying eye shadow and really increases the longevity of the products you apply to your eyes. It increases the intensity of the colors you apply and helps prevent any creasing. I have Urban Decays Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion and I can honestly say that I much prefer my Essence one. 

I love my felt tip liquid eyeliners and have tried tons! Instead of repurchasing one when it ran out or dried up I'd try a different brand, I was on a quest to find 'the one'. It happened. Bourjois made me one happy bunny when I picked up 'Liner Feutre Ultra Black'. It's a blacker than black jet black and the formula glides on effortlessly. The tapered tip makes doing a flick super easy and, wait for this, it lasts for up to 24 hours! I found that a lot of the felt tip liners I tried dried out really fast but this one lasts until the product is gone and is as good as the day it were bought for months. I have repurchased this a few times now and since I first got it in my mitts my head has not been turned by another felt tip. 

For lining the tear shelf of my eyes I love Benefit's 'Eye Bright'. It's a very very pale pink shade and really makes a big difference to my eyes. It makes my eyes look a lot bigger but as well as that it makes me look a hell of a lot more awake! It's fantastic if you've had a late night the night before or maybe had that last glass of vino that you shouldn't have. As well as using this on my tear shelf I also like to apply some to the inner corners of my eyes as it really helps to open them up. 

Finally... to finish off my eyes I have been loving NYX 'Doll Eye' Mascara. This mascara is superb!! It contains tiny little fibers that cling to the lashes to make them look longer and fuller. It really gives the false lash effect and I've actually been asked if I had eyelash extension while wearing this. Love love love!

Here is a simple autumnal day time look that I achieved using all the products mentioned in this post.

So there you have it, my daily go to eye products. Have you used any of these products? I'd love to hear what you think! Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post.


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